Environmental Policy

Sustainable Direction Ltd (SDL) is a business built on management of activities to improve the environment we all live in. Our aim is to guide more people and more businesses into a more sustainable direction. Our main contribution to environmental improvement is through our clients, and so at all times we will encourage clients to choose the best practicable solution for them and the environment.

Our policy applies to all parts of our business, office work, travel, procurement of services and products, and in particular keeping our practice up to date to provide the best advice. SDL is therefore committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations and business through adopting sustainable practices and continual improvement in environmental performance.

To achieve this SDL will:

  1. keep abreast of and comply with legislation, regulations, and other requirements, such as codes of practice on environmental matters relevant to SDL’s and our client’s operations
  2. train employees and promote environmental awareness and commitment throughout SDL
  3. be proactive in developing opportunities to minimise waste and reuse or recycle materials
  4. monitor, review, and continually improve our environmental performance, by setting and reviewing targets annually at the management review
  5. maintain an Environmental Management System that meets the ISO14001:2015 certification standard
  6. use suppliers wherever possible that have environmental standards compatible with our own, and
  7. be committed to the prevention of pollution.

Specific objectives on which SDL will focus include:

  1. minimising the environmental impact of business travel
  2. reducing the consumption of resources such as paper and plastic
  3. minimising the volume of waste generated and maximise reuse, recycling, and energy recovery from waste
  4. reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and incorporate long-term strategies for energy efficiency into planning and development
  5. continually reassess changing technology, business requirements, and best environmental practices, and
  6. support our local communities, so SDL will, where possible, use local suppliers.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Last update: June 2018

SDL Policies

Learn more about our commitment to our clients and our communities:

Download our policies: Environmental, Sustainability, and Quality Policy (PDF).

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