Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is the business of Sustainable Direction Ltd (SDL). By taking responsibility for the effects of our advice and our own business practice, for our staff, our clients, our suppliers and partners, communities and the environment, we seek to improve the quality of life for people and the natural world.

SDL’s vision is to be a trusted partner of valued clients – creating exceptional outcomes. We are committed to running our business in an ethically and responsible manner, and we apply the principles of sustainability to all our business operations. Therefore we focus on bottom line delivery for financial return for our clients and ourselves, delivered by improved social engagement and environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

  • To be part of those shaping a better world.

Our Goals and Actions

  • demonstrate that our staff wellbeing is of paramount importance and be a quality employer
  • deliver consultancy work for our clients focused on innovative outcomes that achieve environmental, social, and economic benefits for society and the world
  • collaborate with our key suppliers, treat them fairly, and, where appropriate, support them in developing their own sustainability
  • work with and help our local communities, via personal contributions of our expertise
  • minimise the environmental effects of our own operations and those of the projects in which we are involved
  • achieve performance that ensures the firm’s economic, environmental, and financial viability, and
  • via these be recognised as a leader in sustainable development.

The Board of SDL is responsible for communicating this policy, approving actions to be taken forward, ensuring adequate resources are available for its implementation, and for reviewing progress.

Implementation is delivered by our MD and team.

We are committed to producing a report annually to detail our progress against all of our SD objectives, and we will benchmark our performance against our peers and against recognised best practice.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Last update: June 2018

SDL Policies

Learn more about our commitment to our clients and our communities:

Download our policies: Environmental, Sustainability, and Quality Policy (PDF).

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