Island Energy Systems - Alderney Electricity Ltd

Sustainable Direction is working with Alderney Electricity Limited – energy supplier for the Channel Island Alderney – to replace and improve its energy systems.  This includes more efficient plant and opportunities for future renewable energy and waste heat use.

Client Wins

The improvements will provide:

The Details

We started with a feasibility study to find the best energy systems solution to deliver AEL’s goals.  This considered a range of renewable technologies and focused on the unique needs and challenges of an island environment.

At the core of the project is the replacement of the current aging diesel generators with modern, efficient engines capable of using both fossil- and bio-fuels.  The selected engines are compact, reliable and have excellent fuel consumption.  They can also be maintained and serviced on-island, which was a major priority for our client.

Future phases will include solar PV, battery storage and recovery and use of waste heat from the engines.  This could be used to provide low-cost heat for community buildings such as the school, hospital and new swimming pool, or support new businesses to grow the island’s economy.

Sustainable Direction has provided support from feasibility study, through initial and detailed designs, and will continue to manage procurement activities and provide oversight for installation.