Sustainability to Win Business – Exterion Media

In all sectors, sustainability is becoming a core prerequisite to winning contracts. We help our clients to implement effective sustainability initiatives, and then shout about them as an effective marketing strategy.

Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home advertising business, has a nationwide portfolio including the exclusive contract for advertising on the London Underground. When the time came for this contract to be renewed, Exterion Media knew that competition would be tough and they needed to weave a strong sustainability story into their bid. We helped Exterion Media to implement sustainability initiatives across the business, and present these in an exceptional tender submission.

Client Wins

Our client won a £2 billion contract with Transport for London based on the sustainability initiatives we developed and described as part of the TfL contract bid. Exterion Media said:

“Thank you Sustainable Direction for your contribution and support, all of which made a considerable contribution to this success” – Karen Gilbert, Head of Facilities at Exterion Media (UK).

“We’re delighted to have been awarded TfL’s London Rail advertising contract and we greatly appreciate the support Sustainable Direction provided during the tender period. I was particularly impressed with how they helped align both our long term Environment and Energy objectives, and medium term planning activities with those of TfL. Together we have jointly delivered our ISO 50001 certification for energy management, and alongside our 140001 Environmental certification this places us as the most responsible Out-of-Home advertiser in the UK.” – Adrain Lovejoy, Service Delivery Director, Exterion Media (UK).