Wastewater Management – Water Bottling Plant

Our client is based in a very pristine environment near to a river designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  They abstract water from the aquifer below them to bottle, creating a range of still and sparkling drinks.  Due to business growth their wastewater management system had become ineffective and needed replacing.

Wastewater management

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The Details

First, we needed to understand whether the existing wastewater discharge had caused pollution.  This was a key concern due to the pristine environment, and any pollution near to their abstraction boreholes would present a significant business risk.  Our investigation involved chemical testing of the effluent and the surrounding groundwater and analysis of the results.

It was clear from early on that the final solution would be a new effluent treatment system.  However, due to the risk of pollution, we needed a short-term option in the meantime.  We really got to grips with the company’s processes and enabled them to identify and prevent potential pollution where it was generated in the factory.  This has the added bonus of streamlining processes and reducing raw material costs.

Our client had already been approached by a vendor of wastewater management technology, but needed our help as technical experts to cut through the patter and advise on what really was best for their business.  Our input also helped the technology vendors themselves, as we could provide measured chemical data - and a performance criteria - for them to quote against.