Cradle to Cradle and BIM to DRIM - John Henry presents at Constructing Excellence event

On Tuesday 17th May Managing Director John Henry presented at Constructing Excellence South West’s ‘Building Sustainable Relationships’ event.  John Henry’s presentation, ‘Long term whole life cycle perspectives – Cradle to Cradle and BIM to DRIM’, introduced a new software tool being developed by a consortium of business and academic organisations to enable reuse and recycling of demolition materials at building end of life.

DRIM is BIM-linked material recovery software tool currently in development by Waste Plan Solutions, Sustainable Direction Ltd, UWE and Coventry University.  Planned to be available 2018/19, DRIM will interface with BIM software and be of benefit to both new-build and existing build sectors.

Construction and demolition accounts for 25-30% of all waste generated in the EU, with the UK generating around 100 million tonnes per year.  More than 50,000 buildings are demolished annually in the UK, giving a significant opportunity to recover the value of material by reusing the, in new construction or refurbishment.

The DRIM tool will enable

  • production of deconstruction plan;
  • simulation of deconstruction process;
  • production of deconstruction protocols during demolition of the building to enable efficient recovery;
  • improved demolition waste collection schemes. The tool is aimed at both new and existing buildings sector.

The presentation closed with a call for organisations in the sector to help provide data, and to act as development partners on the project.

If you would like more information about the tool, or to find out how you can get involved in this exciting project, please [DKB url="" text="contact us" color="green"]


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