SDL mentioned in ENDS Report!

SDL has been mentioned in the ENDS report for our contribution to the recent government publication, "The Size and Performance of the UK Low Carbon Economy".

SDL’s role was vital in producing these and other statistics as the definitions had to be accurate as well as transparent and current.

“Defining the low-carbon economy means drawing a line around the supply chain of products and services within the UK economy and determining what is ‘low-carbon’ and what is not,” says MD Dr John Henry Looney. “This is a critical step towards quantifying the sector, and one that took a lot of work.”

“We are pleased and excited to have contributed to this project, which means that from now on when government Ministers refer to the low-carbon economy they have a solid, transparent figure to work from.” This transparency is a key subtlety to the work – “In the future, if a new product appears or an old one develops into a step-change in carbon savings, it can easily be included,” said Becki Clark, one of the authors.

You can read the report here.

The write up is here although you will need a subscription to read the full article. The parts mentioning SDL say:

"The new definition was developed by consultancy Sustainable Direction, which aimed at developing a more transparent approach to identifying what is low-carbon and what is not in the supply chain of products and services within the UK economy."


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