Sustainable Direction in Gloucester Citizen!

Sustainable Direction is in the Gloucester Citizen today.  Dr John Henry provided comment on the news that fracking licences would soon be for sale in the UK.

The Citizen, with its local focus, was concerned that fracking could start in Gloucestershire.

We are of the opinion that the majority of interest will be in the North West of England.

John Henry is quoted as saying: “Shales in the South East of the country were low in reserves and coupled with the high population density this makes the area unattractive to developers.

“We can see this extending to the Cotswolds because of the underlying geology and impacts on the relatively higher population density here making development in the South West unlikely at this time.”

What we meant was that higher population density areas will be less attractive to developers - not that the South West has a higher population density than the South East!

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